Thursday, 10 October 2013

Origami Info: Health Benefits of Origami

Why do people fold paper into little animal shapes or flowers? For most, it is because it’s fun and it looks nice. But for others, it is a way to RELAX; a way to let the day’s tension melt away. More and more now, care providers and researchers have found that folding paper can help those with medical conditions.

The most obvious benefit of origami is for those who have had surgery or injuries of the hands. Origami helps patients regain control over their hand movements and helps build muscles. Patients find doing their “hand exercise” through origami is more rewarding than traditional physical therapy methods.

Some therapists have found that origami helps those with low self esteem, anxiety, ADHD, autism, mental retardation, and other psychological conditions. People who have been diagnosed with depression have found that origami gives them hope.

Interestingly, volunteers have taught origami to prison inmates. The act of folding paper allows some of the inmates to decrease their level of anxiety. Some prison inmates fold origami models to give to their wives or girlfriends. What better way to encourage a healthful mindset.

John Smith has a list of articles relating to the educational & health benefits of origami. Perhaps, the best way to understand the health benefits of origami is to read the testimonials of those who use origami as a tool for therapy. See the web sites of Marilyn Abbmackdes and George Ho for extensive information on the health benefits of origami.

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